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SuSeWi Is Positioned to Be the World’s Largest Natural Producer of Algae

Algae has a clean portfolio of nutrients and is the healthiest food on the planet. SuSeWi, an algae producer with a facility in Morocco, preserves the nutritional integrity of algae and approaches production through natural processes. Their promise to “be natural” unlocks the power of the environment, allowing them to scale algae production without compromising the ecosystem in any way. 

Algae absorbs carbon, nitrate, phosphate, and silicate and has a flavor profile perfect for fish and other seafood. It is the fastest-growing organism on the planet and supports 900 million tons of life, five times more than vascular plants. SuSeWi is on the cutting-edge of harvesting and manufacturing algae for food product development.

SuSeWi is raising funds to build a large-scale facility to grow algae using their innovative methods. This site will be the first of its kind and position SuSeWi as the largest producer of algae in the world.

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